Our Story

How can you enjoy the taste of childhood memories without harming animals or the environment? There are already plenty of successful plant-based products out there, but is there one brand that has been able to recreate the taste you enjoy in dairy products? Well, now there is: bettermoo(d)! Our motto is What A Cow Eats and A Human Needs”. We dived deep into the secret behind the magical taste that makes it hard to say bye to dairy products. We created a secret blend of herbs and vegetables that cows ate, before the time of mass livestock production, and mixed it with organic oats to create our first product: the “Moodrink”. To make it creamy, like rich dairy products, we added healthy plant fats and vitamins, so you actually don’t miss out on any of the flavor. The Moodrinkis just the beginning of the revolution for the Vancouver based dairy-alternative company bettermoo(d). Our “Moogurt”, “Better”, and more are already behind the curtains waiting for their big performance.

It all started with the question what makes dairy milk from the alps so delicious and how can we capture this remarkable flavor into innovative plant-based products? After countless hours of research and conversations with several farmers we came to the conclusion that what the cow eats and where it lives greatly influences the taste of the milk! If you have ever tried milk or cheese from the alps (Switzerland, France, Austria etc.) where cows still live on green fields eating the grass and herbs that naturally grows there, you know that it does not compare to the milk from cows that “live” in mass livestock producing farms and may never see a field. With a lot of plant based alternatives, you have the feeling that it is just a compromise to live a more sustainable and healthy life, but with the products from bettermoo(d) you will get the best taste possible no matter where you live – from Switzerland to India – we want to offer all people that unique alp-taste with only the benefits plants have to offer! The best thing about that is we don’t have to drink the milk that is supposed to feed calves. We can enjoy a drink that is designed to feed us.

No compromise. Only benefits.

Being plant based isn’t a trend to us – it’s about making better choices together. Are you ready to join our moo-vement?

Our Vision

We envision a world where people are conscious about where their food comes from, and how it’s consumed. We believe bettermoo(d) is for a better you.

Our Mission

At bettermoo(d) our mission is to cultivate a community that embodies a balanced plant-based lifestyle. We are committed to sustainably sourcing our ingredients and making a positive impact on the planet. We aim to produce high quality products that offer versatility, nourish the body and feed the soul.

Why bettermoo(d)?

Bettering the Planet 

Avoiding meat and dairy is shown to be the single most effective way to reduce your impact on the planet. By swapping a carton of cow’s milk for bettermoo(d) here’s how you can better the planet

less water use
less land use
fewer GHG emissions

Our Incredible Team - People Behind The Science

Nima Bahrami – Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Bahrami has worked extensively in the natural health and finance space with a focus on business development and strategy consulting. He has successfully created and established health and wellness corporations and product lines and has consulted on their integration with publicly traded companies. Mr. Bahrami holds an MBA from Cardiff University.

bryan adams bettermoo

Bryan Adams – Founding Member

bettermoo(d) is honored and proud to reveal Canadian rock legend Bryan Adams as a founding member to help motivate change in the global food system.
Adams has been advocating the benefits of a plant-based diet for over three decades, quietly informing his fan base on the harmful impacts of the traditional food system. As a founding member of bettermoo(d), Adams hopes to increase awareness of responsible eating habits, such as choosing plant-based alternatives to dairy, to better individual health, minimise animal cruelty, and protect the planet.
The iconic artist believes that “there has never been a better time for vegan products to challenge conventional animal-based food products than now. Choosing plant-based dairy alternatives, is something that we can all do to help lessen animal cruelty and help our environment. I’m honored to be asked by bettermoo(d) to be part of this food revolution.”

Maximilian Justus – Advisor

Mr. Justus currently serves as Chief Executive Officer of Grounded People Apparel Inc. Grounded is an earth conscious sustainable fashion brand producing 100% vegan shoes. Grounded is currently in the process of being listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange. Mr. Justus’ time as a private business owner in the vegan space has furnished him with the experience to oversee and develop all operations of design, production and fulfilment for Grounded’s operations as well as provide valuable advising for bettermoo(d)’s sustainability, cruelty-free and eco-friendly efforts. Mr. Justus has experience in the public market overseeing United States clinic operations for Core One Labs Inc.

Julia Thompson – Social Media Coordinator

Julia is a digital content creator and photographer, as well as an avid world traveller. Over the five last years, Ms. Thompson has amassed an Instagram following of over 406,000 followers, a Tik Tok following of 680,000 and across her various social media platforms has a combined reach of over one million strong. She began as a full time traveller, where her passion for photography flourished and led her to where she is today. With the knowledge and experience traveling has brought her, she hopes to inspire as many people as she can to get out there and live their dreams. Julia has joined forces with bettermoo(d) in the role of Social Media Coordinator. Her motivation for the role originated from both her experience in social media, and her extensive health journey over the years. bettermoo(d)’s ethics and values align with Julia, where we both believe in conscious consumption and a sustainable future.