bettermoo(d) Applauds IKEA’S Commitment to Remove or Replace Dairy to Meet 2030 Sustainability Goals

in press-releases March 10, 2023

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada – March 10, 2023 – bettermoo(d) Food Corporation (CSE: MOOO), (OTCQB: MOOOF), (Frankfurt: 0I5, WKN: A3DNBE) (the “Company” or “bettermoo(d) Food”), applauds furniture giant, IKEA, on their recently announced sustainability plan – a plan that includes a transition that would see its bistro menu and Swedish Food Market packaged meals at 50 percent, and 80 percent plant-based, respectively, by 2025 as well as adding dairy free alternatives to their menu.

Since its launch of the vegan version of IKEA meatballs in 2015, IKEA has been continuously exploring ways to reduce its carbon footprint. Ingka Group, the parent company of IKEA based in Leiden, Netherlands, is looking to accelerate its carbon footprint reduction mission with the introduction of Saluhall, a food hall inspired by Nordic culture that will serve 80% plant-based food and hopefully 100% in the future. This is in addition to increasing its market packaged meals to 50% of its total offerings.

It is estimated that IKEA’s carbon footprint in 2022 was 25.8 million metric tons of CO2 equivalent – an amount that equates to a decrease of 5 percent compared to its 2021 footprint, and a decrease of 12 percent compared to its 2016 baseline footprint.

“The climate footprint of plant-based food is often lower compared to animal-based options,” the IKEA report states.

While IKEA’s corporate strategies resulting in more energy-efficient manufacturing processes and environmental-friendly products have contributed to its carbon footprint decreases, the conglomerate’s increases in plant-based bistro and packaged meal options, and their consumer’s overall engagement with such options, have also been contributing factors.  The recent report also shares IKEA’s commitment to continually explore additional means to further reduce its carbon footprint, and increase sustainable business practices, including plans to remove or replace dairy products, altogether.

“We continue to explore where and how we can remove or replace dairy in our range (without compromising on taste) to further reduce the climate impact of our food ingredients,” the IKEA report stated. 

The report further stated, “We will promote healthier, more sustainable behaviors such as preventing and reducing food-related waste, eating more plant-based and nutritious food, and acquiring, caring for, and passing on products in circular ways,”.

“It is very encouraging to see big multi-national corporations, such as IKEA, embrace plant-based philosophies into their sustainability plans,” stated Steven Pear, bettermoo(d) Food CEO.

“When internationally known corporations, like IKEA, commit to making changes that make the world a better place, they are very impactful and have the ability to influence many.  We 100% support IKEA in their endeavours to increase plant-based food offerings, and their forward looking goals to reduce or eliminate dairy altogether from their bistros and market places.  We also encourage other influential corporations to make similar commitments.  Such changes may seem small, however, if ‘the many’ were to all take small steps, the road to a better and more sustainable world would not seem long at all,” Pear concluded.

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