bettermoo(d) Unveils First Insights of its Highly Anticipated MoodrinkTM Innovation: Rivals and, in Many Cases, Exceeds the Nutritional Aspects of Traditionally Consumed Cow’s Milk

in press-releases May 11, 2023


Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada – May 11, 2023 – bettermoo(d) Food Corporation (CSE: MOOO), (OTCQB: MOOOF), (Frankfurt: 0I5A, WKN: A3D8PP) (the “Company” or “bettermoo(d) Food”), is pleased to reveal the nutritional aspects of its highly anticipated MoodrinkTM, a game-changing oat-based dairy alternative beverage that rivals the nutritional aspects of milk. With its exceptional taste, remarkable health benefits, and commitment to sustainability, Moodrink is set to revolutionize the dairy alternative beverage industry.

MoodrinkTM sets a new standard in plant-based nutrition, delivering a remarkable array of benefits that in many cases surpass milk as well as many competitors’ dairy alternatives. Each serving of MoodrinkTM contains a generous 8 grams of plant-based protein, and is a high source of fiber – boasting 4 grams – providing a satisfying beverage option and promoting smoother digestion.

One of the key advantages of MoodrinkTM is its superior nutritional profile. When compared to most (2%) milks, MoodrinkTM has more calcium, less sugar and sodium, no cholesterol, is lower in fat, including saturated fats, making it an excellent option for individuals striving to maintain a balanced lifestyle.  MoodrinkTM is a remarkable beverage ensuring an alternative choice for consumers.

Not only does MoodrinkTM excel in its nutritional composition, but it also provides a taste experience that emulates the richness of traditional milk from the picturesque Alps regions of Switzerland, France, and Austria. The meticulously crafted flavor profile of MoodrinkTM is the result of extensive research and development, capturing the essence of the finest dairy beverages. With MoodrinkTM, consumers can enjoy the familiar and satisfying taste they love while embracing a plant-based lifestyle.

At bettermoo(d) Food, sustainability lies at the core of the Company’s values. bettermoo(d) takes pride in sourcing our ingredients responsibly and ensuring minimal environmental impact. MoodrinkTM is made from organic oats, grown without the use of harmful pesticides or genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Additionally, it is gluten-free, catering to individuals with specific dietary needs, and promoting inclusivity.

As the dairy alternative beverage industry continues to grow, MoodrinkTM is poised to disrupt the market with its exceptional nutritional aspects. It not only rivals the benefits offered by traditional milk but also outshines many other leading dairy-alternatives currently available. With MoodrinkTM, consumers no longer have to compromise on taste, quality, or health-conscious choices when choosing a dairy alternative beverage.

bettermoo(d) Food is focused on becoming a leading innovator in the plant-based food industry. Committed to sustainable practices and creating exceptional dairy alternatives, bettermoo(d) Food aims to redefine the way people consume and enjoy plant-based beverages. Through continuous research and development, the Company strives to deliver outstanding taste and superior nutritional benefits to consumers worldwide.

The highly anticipated release of Moodrink is scheduled for September 2023 in Canada and ahead of its launch, MoodrinkTM has already generated extraordinary interest, receiving over 20,000 pre-orders from eager consumers. This remarkable response is a testament to the demand for innovative, sustainable, and nutritious dairy alternatives. Following the Canadian release, bettermoo(d) Food aims to expand Moodrink’s availability globally. With our commitment to delivering exceptional quality and meeting the growing demand for plant-based products, we anticipate MoodrinkTM to make a lasting impact on the market,” stated Nima Bahrami, bettermoo(d) Food CEO.

I have tried probably every oat milk and every alternative that is in the store, and we haven’t found one that does everything – Moodrink does! Moodrink froths properly, is creamy, tastes good, has good ingredients and whole ingredients. From what I have seen on social media, everyone is excited for Moodrink to come out,” stated Julia Thompson, who leads the Company’s social media and marketing campaigns.

Julia Thompson runs bettermoo(d) Food’s social media and marketing campaigns.  Ms. Thompson is a digital content creator and photographer, as well as an avid world traveler. Over the 7 last year(s) Miss Thompson, has amassed an Instagram following of over 406,000 followers, a Tik Tok following of 680,000 and across her various social media platforms has a combined reach of over 1,000,000 strong. Through her camera lens and her thought-provoking social media content Julia strives to unlock the social consciousness of as many people globally as she possibly can. As best put in her own words, Julia “…seeks to inspire conscious consumption and a sustainable future”.


bettermoo(d) Food Corporation is an innovative plant-based dairy alternative food and beverage company based in Vancouver, British Columbia Canada, launching MoodrinkTM, a nutritious dairy-alternative beverage with a revolutionary flavour.

Driven by the motto “What A Cow Eats and A Human Needs” bettermoo(d) seeks to produce dairy alternative products that are good for both people and the planet – ensuring that all products are nutritious and sustainably sourced, and that also emulate the great taste of traditional milk from the Alps regions of Switzerland, France and Austria.  Working with food scientists the Company’s goal is to conduct continuous food research and development programs with the goal of rolling out a full line of dairy alternative products, including Moogurt and Buetter, as well as many other products, that are better for YOU and better for the planet.


Nima Bahrami

Chief Executive Officer and Director

bettermoo(d) Food Corporation

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