We’ve made it a priority to take allergens very seriously. Moodrink is created thoughtfully not to contain allergens as recognized by Health Canada and US FDA. Our manufacturing facility has a robust and strict allergen management program to prevent cross-contamination including identification of allergens, facility allergen list, declaration of the allergen using color coding system for received raw material, cleaning programs, and training. The procedures include segregating allergen from non-allergenic ingredients and validated cleaning procedures with continuous verifications for allergens. We continuously verify our procedures for allergens being absent in our product. The entire manufacturing facility is peanut free.

As per Health Canada and the FDA, a product qualifies for gluten-free claims in Canada and the US as long as it contains less than 20ppm of gluten. Under these guidelines, Moodrink is considered gluten-free. We test every batch and we’re are happy to provide results upon request.


We were so fixated on getting everything just right that, yes, we even took into consideration what a cow eats since the types of herbs and flowers that cows eat subtly influence the flavours of dairy milk. This is where our motto of “what a cow eats and a human needs” was born. This is why all of bettermoo(d)’s products including Moodrink contain a blend of organic herbs and flowers similar to what cows ate, before the time of mass livestock production to allow us to emulate the great taste of traditional milk from the Alps regions of Switzerland, France and Austria.

Yes! Moodrink is Plant-Based Certified. All ingredients, flavours, vitamins and minerals are plant- and mineral based, and suitable for vegan diets. 

Moodrink is shelf-stable when unopened. This means it can be safely kept in your pantry and only needs refrigeration after it has been opened. Our customers appreciate this because then they’re able to stock up and save themselves multiple trips to the grocery store. Please refer to the top of your package for the best before (“BB”) date. 

Moodrink is best served chilled. Once opened, it must be kept refrigerated and we recommend consuming the product within 7-10 days. 

Absolutely Not. Moodrink contains no added preservatives. 

We use an aseptic Tetra Pak packaging technology which creates a vacuum seal that allows our Moodrink to stay fresh, without the need of any preservatives. The aseptic process ensures that everything in the production chain is commercially sterile food and free of harmful bacteria when foods is packaged.

“Aseptic technology keeps food safe and flavourful for at least six months — without refrigeration or preservatives. It allows food to retain more colour, texture, taste and nutrition. Our aseptic packaging offers a variety of package shapes, consumer convenience and economies in energy and packaging materials. ​Our aseptic process ensures that both food and packaging materials are free of harmful bacteria when food is packaged. Everything in the production chain must be commercially sterile. That includes food and packaging materials, all machinery and the environment in which the packaging takes place. ​​” For more information please visit: https://www.tetrapak.com/solutions/aseptic-solutions

Please refer to the top of your package for the best before date. Each Moodrink package is shelf-stable and has a 12-month shelf life from the date of production when unopened and only requires refrigeration once it has been opened. 

Moodrink is best served chilled. Once opened, it must be kept refrigerated and we recommend consuming the product within 7-10 days.


Moodrink is made in Canada from domestic and imported ingredients. The organic oats are first ground with natural enzymes to break down the starch to achieve the smooth texture. We then add more good quality ingredients to create the delicious Moodrink you know and love: filtered water, pea protein, chicory fibre, organic high oleic sunflower oil, salt, vitamins and minerals, our special organic herbs and natural flavours.

Moodrink is best served chilled. Once opened, it must be kept refrigerated and we recommend consuming the product within 7-10 days.

We don’t add any sugar into our Moodrink! Oats are naturally high in carbohydrates made up of various forms of starches, sugars, and fibre. In order to achieve the smooth texture, during production, some of the complex carbohydrates of oats breaks down into sugars. 

Moodrink is best served chilled. Once opened, it must be kept refrigerated and we recommend consuming the product within 7-10 days.

We use organic high oleic sunflower oil to give Moodrink its rich and creamy texture. Most plant-based beverages have some sort of oil in them for this reason. Instead of using industrially processed canola/rapeseed oils, which are associated with inflammation, we use organic high oleic sunflower oil which contain 6 times fewer omega 6s than most conventional oils and are nutritionally very similar to olive oil. High oleic sunflower oil has a high percentage of “good” monounsaturated fats and has been shown to favorably raise HDL cholesterol without raising LDL cholesterol.

Moodrink fortified with a combination of calcium carbonate and tricalcium phosphate. Many people who stick to a strictly non-dairy diet have a hard time getting enough calcium in their diets. So, we added calcium carbonate, which is commonly found in calcium supplements, to replace the calcium which people normally get from dairy milk.

Dipotassium phosphate is a source of phosphorus and potassium and also acts as an acidity regulator. 

The salt we use is sea salt. It is not iodized and it does not contain any additives

All of our natural flavours comply with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency’s guidance for “nature, natural” where “substances that impart flavours that have been derived from a plant source may claim to be ‘natural’”.

All of our natural flavors comply with the US Food and Drug Administration’s guidance for “natural flavor” described in 21 CFR 501.22(a)(3). 

Furthermore, all Bettermoo(d) products are formulated, manufactured, packaged and labeled in accordance to the Safe Food for Canadians Regulations in Canada and 21CFR Part 101 Food Labeling and 117 Current Good Manufacturing Practice, Hazard Analysis, and Risk–Based Preventive Controls for Human Food in the US. 

At bettermoo(d) we are dedicated to the health and safety of our products, but we cannot divulge the components of our flavour blend because our recipes are proprietary!

That is a resounding YES and we invite you to put it to the test!

All bettermoo(d) products are 100% carrageenan free!

  1. Is bettermoo(d) a Canadian brand and where is your Moodrink made?

    bettermoo(d) is proudly a Canadian brand that is based in Vancouver, BC. We manufacture our products in Canada.

  2. Are bettermoo(d)’s cartons recyclable?

    We use sustainable and recyclable material for our packaging. Visit here for more information on carton recycling in Canada or check with your local recycling centre.

  3. Is your Moodrink shelf stable?

    Yes! We are proud to say we don’t use preservatives in our product. Our oat milk is shelf stable due to being packaged in aseptic packaging that allows the product to have a longer shelf life at room temperature.

  4. Is your Moodrink vegan, 100% organic, gluten free, and dairy free?

    Our Moodrink is gluten free, lactose and dairy free, and suitable for those who cannot or choose not to consume dairy. Our oats are organic and meet Health Canada’s requirements of being gluten free. All of our ingredients, vitamins, and herbs are plant and mineral based and suitable for those following a vegan diet.

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