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NotCo, a plant-based milk brand backed by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, raised $235 million in summer 2021, valuing the alternative protein company at $1.5 billion.

Award-winning rapper and entrepreneur Jay-Z invested in the popular oat milk brand Oatly. Oatly was taken public and its valuation is about $4 billion.

Leonardo DiCaprio has backed plant-based milk brand Califia Farms. Califia’s current valuation is estimated to be at about $1 billion.

bettermoo(d) Moodrink

Are you ready for a real dairy-replacement revolution?

We created it: a very unique formula that will excite consumers and the market!

bettermoo(d) has recently been published in Food in Canada as a “revolutionary up and coming vegan dairy alternative company”.

You can now join our

You can become a founding member and shareholder of our company now and at a very early stage. We believe there is great potential to establish a new market leader in the industry.

We are ready …

We are bettermoo(d) and our company is ready to take the next necessary step, to make dairy alternatives that are delicious and good for you. And we are not alone. We have a real Canadian legend backing us. He is one of the most successful Canadian artists of all time and is keen to advocate changing the public’s habits regarding dairy, together with our fantastic and motivated team. 

We are now part of a publicly traded company on the Canadian Securities Exchange with the potential of pursuing to heighten our company to an international stock exchange. Investors can now participate in the potential extraordinary growth through our “parent company” bettermoo(d) Food Corporation. bettermoo(d) Food Corporation is listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE:MOOO), a junior exchange focussed on supporting Canadian entrepreneurs. We want to be Megapreneurs and make significant impact to change people’s views on dairy. We want the world to consume better products which are good for them and our planet. No animal drinks milk from other species, so why should we?

We figured it out …

We figured out the key ingredients that made the best tasting cow’s milk and the fantastic news is that we don’t need the cow for the benefits. We created a unique and all organic formula based on “What a Cow Eats and a Human Needs”, a unique approach that let us really stand out in the market. An unbelievably high number of people in Canada have pre-ordered a sample and want to discover our amazing and innovative “Moodrink”. Cheese, cream, our unique Moogurt, and other products are also on their way!

“When in development, bettermoo(d) set out to create dairy alternative products that could rival the flavor profile of the region with the best-tasting dairy in the world – the Alps region of Switzerland, France, and Austria. Through the company’s research and conversations with farmers in these countries, we concluded that what cows eat and where they live greatly influences the taste of the dairy products they produce.”

We are powerful!

bryan adams bettermoo

“A Canadian music legend is standing behind our mission!”

We have a former Coca-Cola executive and industry veteran managing our umbrella company, bettermoo(d) Food Corporation. Beverage executive Steve Pear whose background includes leading industry titans like Coca-Cola, MillerCoors, and Odwalla Inc., brings us a very diverse skill set that includes, sales, general management, operations and business development. Steve’s background includes holding the Senior Vice President position at Coca-Cola and Vice-President position at Coors Brewing Company.

Our CEO, Nima is the director of another food and beverage start-up that has already made it into leading grocery retailers such as Costco, Whole Foods, Loblaws, and many others.

bettermoo(d) Food Corporation’s board member Joel Shacker, has extensive e-commerce experience with one of his companies generating over $30 million in sales in 2020 and over $100 million in total e-commerce sales since inception. Joel is currently the CEO and a director of a biotechnology research and development company in the psychedelics as alternative medicines space which just celebrated a significant breakthrough to biosynthesize psilocybin.

We are all set!

Our revolution is now set to begin, we are set and ready to become the global leader for better dairy alternatives. We have already received several millions of dollars in funding and are ready for the next and very significant steps which will get us out to the market.

Our first product, Moodrink—made with a special blend of herbs, similar to the kind eaten by pasture-raised cows—is expected to launch across Canada this spring. Our brand’s first product is made with organic oats and a proprietary blend of herbs, which give the dairy-free milk a decidedly dairy-like flavour and texture. There is no product like this. There is no company like us. And you can become a part of our upcoming journey to make significant impact to the world and make bettermoo(d) a new and independent market leader with ethical values and the willingness to really make it.

We know you want to know more about us and how to invest!

bettermoo(d) Food Corporation

Listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE:MOOO)

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Inspired by the delicious milk and dairy products of the Austrian, French and Swiss Alps, our initial product, Moodrink, uses a proprietary blend of gluten-free oats combined with carefully-sourced herbs to deliver a nutritional profile comparable to cow’s milk with a fraction of the environmental impact.

Set to launch in early 2022, Moodrink has already captured the attention of consumers across Canada, with over 12,000 preorders in just a matter of months.

We are developing a full line of plant-based dairy alternative products. In addition to creating Moodrink, a delicious alternative to cow’s milk, we are actively working  on bringing to market other plant-based dairy alternatives including butter, yogurt, cheese, ice cream, sour cream, and crème fraiche.

We are committed to sustainable sourcing and making a positive impact on the planet. Our goal is to be a leader in the environmentally conscious and vegan food revolution.