moodrink - bettermoo(d)

Only the Best Ingredients

Put yourself in a better mood with our Moodrink! Complete you daily nourishment routine with our proprietary blend of herbs enhanced in our oat milk. Blended to perfection our oat milk is deliciously smooth, creamy, and low in sugar. Our Moodrink is perfect for baking, cooking, cocktails, coffee and more!

Coming soon our Moodrink will be available in a variety of speciality flavours such as vanilla, matcha, and chai. Perfect for all your Moodrink needs.

Moo-re Products to Come

Plant-Based Dairy Alternatives

Simple recipes derived from organic and local ingredient sourcing.


Buetter (Butter)
Moogurt (Yogurt)


Ice Cream
Sour Cream
Créme Fraiche

bettermoo(d) intends to satisfy consumer needs by providing plant-based solutions for all dairy based products. We are actively working on developing our product portfolio to bring a wide range of solutions to market as soon as possible.

We aim to be a company that provides a full range of dairy alternatives that convert traditional dairy buyers.